• 6 am Ron Vogt unlocks Welfare club 4215 V St Homestead IA 52236
  • 6 am Hannah and Tia leave
  • 7 am Hannah and all bridesmaids/Mom arrive at welfare club, Hannah gets ready, everyone hangs out 
  • Front and back doors are unlocked at the church & Heaters are turned on sometime in the morning
  • 9:00 Jürgen/Berend comes to welfare club and takes pics of Hannah putting in earrings and Mom putting on Hannah bracelets,
  • 9:00 Berend gets hannahs phone from her
  • 945 Kaleb is already at Middle church with his back turned for first look church in sanctuary room with church pews. 
  • 945 Berend/Jürgen is also ready at Middle church
  • 945 Hannah takes snow boots, bouquet and written vows with her and Mom drives Hannah to middle church 
  • 10 am Hannah arrives at middle church, couple has first look and read personalized vows to each other.
  • When they are done with first look/vows, do portraits of couple inside middle church
  • 1030, weather permitting, take a few photos outside of couple in upper south amana 
  • 11 take bride/groom photos in homestead church 
  • 11:30 Bridesmaids, Mom, Hannah, Kaleb, Berend and Jürgen eat lunch at welfare club
  • 1130 Bridesmaids make sure bouquet gets back in water
  • 12:00 Additional Family is welcome to arrive early for family photos (lunch on your own)
  • 1200 Kendra and Kristen bring down cake/cupcakes/gluten free dessert/hot choc/coffee/plates/utensils/cups/napkins/etc and set up
  • 12:30 family photos at welfare club 
  • 12:45 Bridesmaids make sure that Hannah’s bag is in Kaleb’s car 
  • Bridesmaids make sure basket of flower petals is ready for flower girls (dump paper bag of flower petals into basket), programs, confetti wands, hand warmers and ribbon wavers are all ready in a back pew of the large church ceremony room
  • Bridesmaids make sure White carpet is ready at the front of the aisle where it will then be rolled out (follow the direction of the pews for reference for the front of the sanctuary)
  • Bridesmaids make sure Pastor Brian has Kaleb and Hannah rings (Kalebs, Hannah engagement ring + her wedding band) before ceremony
  • 1:15 Guests get hot choc, coffee and cider at welfare club
  • 1:15 Hannah & Kaleb have some time alone with each other right before ceremony in Kalebs car
  • 150 Kalebs car is ready at the back of the church for when we leave,
  • 1:50 bridesmaids make sure Hannah has her bouquet before ceremony
  • 1:50 Everyone enters church through the front doors
  • Otto hands out hand warmers and programs,
  • Reiner hands out confetti wands 
  • Brides family sits on left (Hannahs parents get front left pew and additional brides family in pews directly behind the front one), grooms family sits on right (grooms parents get front right pew and additional grooms family in pews directly behind the front one)
  • 2 pm Ceremony
  • Brian plays violin song for flower girls and roll out of white carpet
  • Flower girls walk down aisle to Brian’s violin song and sprinkle petals all around (basket of petals will be ready at the back in the church large ceremony room)
  • Roll out of white carpet by Berend and Anton (carpet will be weighed down by small sewn in weights at the front, they roll it all the way back to the wall so it is out of the way for Dad and Hannah and leave the excess roll against the wall)
  • Gunther and Erich play song 
  • Mom stands first for entrance of bride, everyone follows
  • Dad and Hannah walk down 
  • Giving of bride 
  • Brian has congregation be seated
  • Hannah hands bouquet to Mom 
  • Couple faces each other and holds hands 
  • Brian prays 
  • Vows 
  • Rings 
  • Sign marriage license by couple, preacher and witnesses Tia and Keenan (Gunther plays song during this)
  • Brian grabs his guitar at this time so he is ready for recessional
  • Kiss 
  • Officiant reminds guests to throw confetti at pronouncement of couple 
  • Pronouncement of couple, everyone throws their confetti in the air and cheers!!!
  • Hannah grabs bouquet from Mom
  • Brian plays recessional song 
  • Everyone is dismissed as a group and free to hug/congratulate couple
  • Anton hands out ribbon wavers for Sendoff
  • Bridesmaids make sure to get Hannahs phone from Berend and put in the front of Kalebs car
  • Everyone lines up in 2 rows outside
  • Anton rings church bell and everyone waves ribbons and cheers as couple runs out 
  • Leave in Getaway car
  • Guests eat cake/punch at welfare club 
  • Cleanup at church and welfare club 
  • Shut off all lights, turn down both thermostats in the welfare club and apt side of welfare club to 45, take trash with you, lock door behind you
  • Pastor Brian submits marriage license the week after the wedding 
  • Thank you everyone!!!!!


Emergency Contacts :

Ron and Rosella Vogt/Welfare Club (319) 622-3620

Hannahs dad Shawn Sandersfeld (319) 573-2815

Hannahs mom Jennifer Sandersfeld (319) 784-8605

Kalebs dad Jon Gehman (319) 213-3817

Kalebs mom Sheryl Gehman (319) 213-3819

Pastor Brian (218) 457-0175

Hannahs brothers


Kalebs sister Kendra Rustebakke (319) 213-3823 

Church contact Jon Childers +1 (319) 560-6896